Welcome everyone to my website.  Now you may not know me so here is the chance of getting know me and learn about what I do. Right now I am an MCA Independent Associate though I make money with MCA and lots of it I took the time to keep myself busy and I also work at a Local Taco Bell. Yes I get it why work more if I'm already making money? Well first of all MCA is way too easy and you barely do anything to earn the money that you can make, and with me being the kind of person that likes to stay busy I have another job and I love it and no, just because I am making a lot of money I am not a greedy person yes I love the money but I am very generous and help who I can. I can still live a worry free life and be with my family and if it came down to it and I didn't work at Taco Bell that would be okay. I am stress free when it comes to paying my bills and I am very thankful I came across MCA when I did. Now on my website you will be viewing everything! My blog, photos, videos, be able to join MCA or purchase our benefits, and etc. You will be getting to know me and what I do all at once and nothing about me will be held back. So yes there may be things on my page that can upset someone but I am who I am and why lie about it!? The truth speaks and I speak it! So everyone enjoy and much love goes out to my viewers.